Coat of Arms for SXSW

I was brought on to concept some style frames and set the tone of future looks for Coat of Arms collaboration with SXSW. We went through a lot of different iterations and ideas in order to find something that honored how long SXSW has been around but also create a fresh new look. 



SXSW team: Gabe Van Amburgh, Blake Kammerdiener, Kaitlin Piraro
Creative Post by Coat of Arms
Creative Direction & Producing: Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque
Design/Illustration: Brian Michael Gossett
Design/Lead Animation: John Long
Illustration/Animation: Whitney Lam
Animation: Julia Iverson & Ricardo Nilsson
Style Exploration: Naomi Bensen
Edit: Jonathan Lacocque
Sound Design & Mix: Sarah Krohn
DCP: Garrett Sergeant & SimpleDCP
Music: Drums & Tines Pt. 2
from "The Other Side of Time" by Quin Kirchner